We stock, sell and service popular software and hardware including pc's, servers,notebooks, netbooks, lcd displays, printers, computer supplies, computer parts and most other computer and pc parts and components. We deliver customized network setup from small organizations to large organizations

Our Services include:

Customized Server and Desktop setup


We Deliver the follwing Server Configuration Services.

  • DNS (Domain Network System)
  • DHCP(Dynamical Host Configuration Protocol)
  • ADDS (Active Directory Domain Services)
  • Application Server,Catalog Server
  • Compute Server.Database Server
  • Fax Server,FTTP Server
  • Game Server,Home Server
  • Proxy Server,Sound Server
  • Stand-alone Server,Web Server(IIS)
  • Email Server,Chat Server
  • Video and Audio Server
  • Print Server etc

  • Specialties

    We specialize in custom computers, computer service and computer repair, plus computer upgrades and network installation, service and maintenance. Our pc repair offers virus and adware removal service, antivirus & other software installation, diagnostic and repair services, network installation, network wiring, on site service and more.

    Customized Computers

    We'll custom design and configure a personal, business or eductional computer according to your specification. To get a quote on our computer repair service or one or more customized computer ,Please mail to: Click here